Special Offers

Tree Shaking: - We offer free of charge to shake your tree to knock out the old needles so you don't bring them into your house.

Delivery - We can deliver a tree once it has been selected and purchased.  However, we will only deliver after our hours of operation which are 9 to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday and 4 to 6 pm Monday through Friday. There will be a delivery charge. Please inquire when you select your tree.

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees 4 to 14 feet tall

Self Reservation System - If we are not open when you arrive you can still reserve a tree. Just take a magic marker, write your name and phone number on one end of the yellow ribbons provided. Take the ribbon with you to select a tree. Mark your tree with the ribbon. All I ask is to let me know if you get a tree somewhere else.


You can reserve a tree starting at 4PM on opening day (Black Friday)


Tree Stands - We usually have tree stands for sale too.

Tree Wrapping - For a $1 extra we offer tree wrapping to make it easier to transport your tree home and get it in the door.